Sleeven – for a premium appearance

Adaptable: Your product is unique – express this with a special shape! That does not prevent us from helping your product achieve an optimum visual appearance. On the contrary: the sleeve nestles skin-tight onto every cup and emphasises its design in a most captivating way.

High quality: However, adaptability and elegance are just two of the impressive advantages which the sleeve has to offer. In addition, the high quality sleeve is totally hygienic, featherlight and humidity resistant – add to that printing in up to eight colours with no blurring whatsoever.

Unmistakable: The sleeve enables a high quality unmistakable appearance. That is why it plays a central role in new product launches and in presentations of product lines whose unique shape communicates a significant visual identity.

Your benefits

  • also suitable for round, arched & individual shapes

  • insensitive to scratches & moisture

  • perfect light protection

  • sleeves can also be printed from the inside

  • easy to tear open

  • use of fragrances possible

  • variation-friendly - quick change not a problem

Since April 2022, all Säntis Group sites (säntis packaging ag and SwissPrimePack AG) have been ISCC PLUS certified. The ISCC PLUS is a guarantee that demonstrably sustainable materials are processed.

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