Extrusion is the continuous melting of granulate, which is used for the production of films through a forming die with final cooling. We process polystyrene and polypropylene materials in the extrusion process.

Areas of application: sheet production (sheet rolls) for further processing (off-line) or sheet production for direct further processing (in-line). The in-line process is a closed thermoforming process and accomplishes the shortest route from raw material to finished product.

Our core competencies in extruding are:

  • Single layer sheet

  • Multi-layer sheet

  • Fine-foamed sheet made of PS (c-fine®))

  • Various film thicknesses


Since April 2022, all Säntis Group sites (säntis packaging ag and SwissPrimePack AG) have been ISCC PLUS certified. The ISCC PLUS is a guarantee that demonstrably sustainable materials are processed.

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