WE SHAPE IDEAS – come together with us for innovative strength

You have an idea, but are unsure about how to get it into the right shape? Then you are at exactly the right place with us! We fashion new packaging designs and cooperate with you to develop profitable and market-oriented product solutions. The possibilities are almost unlimited! Colour diversity, innovative cup openings, special haptic surface structures, special shapes and functions as well as modern designs are our core competence..

Sustainability and Vending

WOODCOMPOUND® - ecological innovation

The idea of this innovative material WoodCompound®  is to use preferably as much organic fiber filings besides common polymer material as possible. With the help of the organic fiber filings mainly made out of organic waste the reduction of polymer materials is possible. The usual polymers like PP, PE, PS or organic polymers like PLA and PHA are used as a matrix. In addition post consumer recycled material can be used in composite film. Due to the natural coloration no master batch is needed. As a result a natural and a sustainable visual appearance and haptic of the finished packaging can be achieved. Packaging solutions made out of this new developed compound can cut the CO2 foot print by more than a half in comparison to the common polymer packaging solutions..

The benefits of sustainable organic compound

  • Clearly optimised ecological balance

  • Organic Filling agent (organic waste) reduces the use of polymer material (15-20% by weight)

  • Compound is made up of an organic fillig agent and recycled polymer material (middle layer)

  • The project's ultimate aim is to create an organic polymer matrix combined with an organic waste filling agent

  • No masterbatch (sustainable finish)

  • Thin-walled and multilayer design is retained

  • No increase in weight compared to mineral filling agent

  • Mechanical property requirements (incl. odour and migration) are still met

  • Recyclable

LIGHT WEIGHT – light as a feather into the future

Light as a feather, with the familiar flawless technical functionality. Both economically and ecologically perfect for the vending operator!

Benefits for the vending operator:

  • reduced material usage and saved raw materials = economically attractive packaging

  • weight saving reduces the load of the transport = consumption of fossil fuels is reduced enormously

  • material savings have no negative impact on proper machine movement, haptics and stability

Naturally, we also use our expertise in the vending area for our foodstuff packaging and thus develop in both areas economically and ecologically advantageous packaging solutions.

c-fine packaging applications

C-FINE® – the unique premium material

This brandname-protected premium material is manufactured exclusively by us from a specially foamed polystyrene film (PS).

C-FINE® offers unique advantages

  • special thermal properties and insulation capacity

  • the fine-velvety closed surface enables printing of the highest quality

  • pearlescent structure

  • possibility of individual shaping

Since April 2022, all Säntis Group sites (säntis packaging ag and SwissPrimePack AG) have been ISCC PLUS certified. The ISCC PLUS is a guarantee that demonstrably sustainable materials are processed.

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