General Business Terms and Conditions of SwissPrimePack AG ("Supplier")
Status May 2011

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1. All deliveries of the supplier shall be subject to the following conditions, unless different agreements are made in writing. The general terms and conditions of the customer, which the supplier has not acknowledged explicitly and in writing, are non-binding, even without being explicitly contradicted.

2. A fax or e-mail satisfies the written form requirements contained in these general terms and conditions.

Suppliers ' Offers
3. Only written quotations from the supplier are binding; They are valid for 30 days.
4. All other offers do not bind the supplier and are only binding after written confirmation of order by the supplier.
5. Descriptions of the delivery item in prospectuses, price lists and the like are not binding without express written confirmation by the supplier.
6. The elaborated price calculations are based on the documents made available by the customer.

Conclusion of the Contract
7. Offers of the customer are accepted in oral or written form. The contract is deemed to be closed if the supplier has sent a written order confirmation after receipt of the offer or otherwise expressly confirmed the offer in writing.
8. The order confirmation also includes the issue of the delivery note or the original invoice by the supplier.

9. The prices are excl. VAT, freight, toll, HVF, postage and packing.

Payment Terms and Conditions
10. The invoice amount is to be paid net within 30 days of the billing date.
11. The withholding of payments due to any claims of the customer, as well as the offsetting of the supplier's price claim with possible counterclaims of the customer is excluded. After the expiration of the payment period, the supplier is entitled to charge the statutory default interest and Dunning expenses of CHF 50 per issued reminder.

Delivery and Delivery Times
12. The shipment of the goods is at the risk of the customer. When the goods are handed over to a carrier or carrier or with the elimination of the goods from the supplier's warehouse (the earlier date decides), the risk is transferred to the customer, even if the transport costs are at the expense of the supplier.
13. Insurance against transport damages will only be completed at the express written request of the customer and shall be at his expense.
14. The delivery periods/delivery dates provided for in the contracts are considered as guidelines and the supplier endeavours to comply with them if possible. However, a delay in delivery does not give the purchaser the right to rescind the contract or to claim compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by default. Events of force majeure such as war, involuntary delays in completion, lack of raw materials, malfunctions, strikes as well as difficulties in material procurement release the supplier wholly or partly from his delivery obligations.

Parts to be provided by Customer ("Additional Parts")
15. The Supplier shall immediately reprimand defects of the parts provided by the customer as soon as they become recognizable within the framework of a proper course of business. However, the purchaser waives the objection of the delayed notification of defects by the supplier.
16. In case of non-timely, insufficient or defective delivery of spare parts, no liability of the supplier shall be waived. The supplier is also entitled to stop the further production of the goods until proper and sufficient delivery parts have been delivered by the customer. In such cases, the customer is obligated to pay additional costs to the supplier.

Lithographs, tools
17. Pure drawings, lithographs, clichés, printing cylinders, punching, spraying, Thermoforming and special tools remain the property of the supplier and are not issued to the customer even when the cooperation is terminated, even if their The purchaser has been partially or wholly invoiced. They are kept by the supplier for reordering for 2 years; If no further order is made by that date, the supplier shall be free to dispose of it. Any claims of the purchaser concerning these parts shall lapse at the latest at this time.

Intellectual Property Rights
18. If the goods are manufactured or parts thereof are made according to ideas, proposals, designs, drawings or models of the customer, the customer shall assume the guarantee that no third party property rights will be infringed. In any case, the customer shall indemnify the supplier against all claims (claims for damages, omission claims, disposal claims, etc.) which are in connection with infringements of patent rights, trademark rights, model rights, Business Secrets or copyrighted proceedings against the supplier are claimed (damages payable by the supplier, court costs; Legal fees, etc.).
19. All ideas, inventions, designs, copyrighted works, patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, all know-how or other intellectual property – whether registered or not – belonging to the supplier or which are in connection with the Supplied by the Supplier shall remain the sole property of the supplier.

Warranty, notice of defects, liability
20. Samples and samples shall be checked and approved by the customer within the time limit set by the supplier.
21. The customer has to check the delivered goods within 8 days and, if there are any defects for which the supplier has to guarantee, to make this immediately notification. If the customer fails to do so, the delivered goods shall be deemed to have been approved.
22. A notice of defects must be made with a specific description of the nature of the defect, otherwise it shall be regarded as not being carried out.
23. In the event of a defect notified by the customer in good time and correctly, the supplier is free to carry out a replacement delivery or to grant a reasonable price reduction. The supplier shall be granted a reasonable grace period for the replacement delivery.
24. Further warranty or compensation claims of the customer, in particular all claims arising from consequential damages (such as lost profit), are excluded. Return shipments of the delivered goods are not accepted by the supplier without prior written agreement.
25. The delivery of a defect notice does not release the buyer from his obligation to pay.
26. More or less deliveries up to 10% of the ordered quantities cannot be objected to by the customer.
27. Industry-standard deviations of mass, weights, thicknesses, colours, etc. Do not entitle the customer to objections.

Reservation of Ownership
28. Until the price has been paid in full – including interest and costs – the supplier reserves the right to ownership of the delivered goods. The customer expressly agrees that the supplier will bring the reservation of title to the Orderer's reservation of title.

Legal Venue, Applicable Law
29. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is the seat of the supplier. The supplier is free to ask the customer to do so at another legal place of jurisdiction.
30. The legal names of the parties are subject to substantive Swiss law. The applicability of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of goods is expressly excluded.

Since April 2022, all Säntis Group sites (säntis packaging ag and SwissPrimePack AG) have been ISCC PLUS certified. The ISCC PLUS is a guarantee that demonstrably sustainable materials are processed.

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