Product Overview

In our product catalogue you can obtain an overview of our industrial and service packaging. We are also pleased to invite you to contact us with any queries or specific order enquiries.

In order to view our various products, select either industrial or service packaging. (For the first step, a choice must be made between industrial and service packaging.) So that you can obtain a better understanding of precisely what the individual sections contain, you will find further information below.

Industrial packaging

In particular this shows dairy and ice cream packaging. However, various closure systems are also amongst the offerings in this section. If you are looking for simple yoghurt pots, multi-packs or a selection of ice cream packaging, then here you will be spoilt for choice with our range of products. 




Service packaging

In this section you will find our range of vending and drinking cups, cutlery and plates. These are suitable for the «Take Away» market and even your family picnic. Both the coffee-to-go thermal cups with lids and our deli cups are produced from our own special c-fine® material, which keep hot things hot and cold things refreshingly cold.



  Online product catalogue

The online product catalogue contains the basic range of industrial and service packaging of
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